"The Digital Product Management System      AUTOMATES Your PayPal Product Sales And Deliveries In A Fully Secure Environment!"

From: Jerry Nicholson

Don't know PHP from PDQ?  No sweat, we said automatic.  You do the simple install and the system does all this:

  • You add a new product with 3 simple fields and click

  • System Creates your secure PayPal buttons

  • System Uploads your zip file

  • System emails download link to your customer after successful purchase

  • System limits the download link to one use 

  • You can easily reactivate the link for those who miss the download

  • System uses PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) and PHP to secure sales and deliveries

  • System foils the Cyber Bandits

  • System compiles your exportable customer List

  • The most complicated things you do are to paste the button code to your sales page and upload the page

  • No Programming or HTMLing of any kind needed.


Are you going to continue to squander your precious time manually doing the tedious steps that DPMS does in a few clicks?  

I hope not, after all, the whole concept of computers is automation to free you to do creative profit building things with your precious time!

Digital Product Management System Is a Point And Click program that frees up your time and enhances your Internet Marketing and profitability!" 


What is a program like this worth?  That's pretty hard to calculate but I know it saves me about 15 minutes on every product I prepare to market and it will do the same for you.  What's the value of your time?  I'll bet it's a lot more than the $7 you invest to use this system.

 Are you ready to make more money in less time?  DPMS will help you do exactly that.  Order now at this Special Low price

Personal Use Rights Only $7

Get the Master Resale Rights to DPMS and keep
100% of the money from each and every sale. 

Master Resell Rights Only $17


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Talk to you later,

Jerry Nicholson
E-Zee Biz
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